My name is Casey Douglas, and welcome to my mostly-mathy blog.  Well, actually, as of late its been a mostly-nothing blog, having been neglected during much of the past year.  Usually I work as an Associate Professor of Mathematics at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, but since August 2017, I’ve been living and working in Houston, TX as part of my ongoing sabbatical.

I like to incorporate blog posts into both my teaching and scholarship.  For my classes, blogging can be a major component, but it can also be used in relatively minor or mundane ways.  For example, in many of my Foundations of Mathematics (aka proof-writing) courses, both students and I maintained an active blog dedicated to the material we were discussing and discovering throughout the semester; on the other hand, this blog can can also serve merely as a place to post assignments, notes, and bonus opportunities.

You can learn more about the courses I’ve taught, the mathematical projects I’m thinking about and finishing, as well as much of the seemingly random stories and ideas that occupy my brain by clicking around (specifically on the teaching, research, and blog tabs above).  A current CV and updated Research Statement can be found below.  Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to get in touch either by e-mail or by leaving a comment.

— Casey

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