More Great Math Quotes

These are taken from various FOM students.

“Math was here before we were here to describe it.” – Cyrus

“… the marks that dictate a mathematicians train of thought are far from meaningless … math is a necessary field of learning because it describes and proves why the physical world works the way it does.” – Kyle

“Math is trilling because it is capable of being shared with others, like my math buddy, and discussed to perfect clarity.” – Julia

“We don’t create these mathematical rules; we just discover them … Math follows basic simple rules and patterns and is thus consistent, yet certain ideas and concepts cannot be proved using these rules. It’s a mind-bending paradox – shouldn’t we be able to prove something if it is consistent?” –  Cara

“This quote offers some powerful imagery. Mathematics is so beautiful because it allows us to impose order on the apparent chaos of our world. It is very comforting because – whether or not it is fatalistic – it shows us that there is in fact structure to the world around us. It can also be very humbling because of the complexity of it all, which can never be fully understood with an instrument as simple and imperfect as the human mind.” – Brad

“I have always viewed math as a challenge that can be overcome by working hard.” – Lauren

“Mathematics is already decided on, we’re just figuring it out.” – Leah


“Knowing something isn’t enough but you must also be able to prove it.” – Abiola

“My favorite math classes were not the ones where kids sat at their desk like a personal cubicle, but when people talked to each other and helped each other out about new concepts that were difficult and interesting.” – Ethan

“If x is an element of the null set, then this blog will be the best.” – Harry

“… when you can collaborate with others and learn from them, math is more inclusive and fun for everyone.” – Harry

“… with math there are millions of ways to explain one concept and sometimes hearing it a different way will finally help you understand. ” – Jennifer

“I really do believe that math is what is finally going to give us the true answers to the universe. Hell, according to some world-renowned works of literature the answer to life is the number 42.” – Nikolas

“Math has come to mean so much to me over my years of schooling. It is the root of science, economics and just LIFE. ” – Amanda

“Mathematics is not only a game, but a puzzle. Something to be cracked open and examined until the parts are fully understood. An element of excitement lies in the frustrating twists and turns traversed in the journey for Answers. Partly it is a personal, individual journey; it’s also a game played out across centuries, one thinker building on another and another and another to race for the right answer.” – Michelle

“Math, however, is not just a set of rules or principles to be memorized and then applied. In my classes when I solve new problems that I have never seen before I don’t just blindly apply a set of rules- I engage my own cognitive process to explore new concepts.” – Margaret

“While other subjects may ebb and flow with time, math is only refined with time.” – Matthew

“As the game of Mathematics is built on logic, just complying to basic rules will allow one to succeed at the game.” – Meteorologist Peekay

“David Hilbert, despite his brilliance, was sadly misinformed on the topic he knew best; an oxymoron of epic proportions.” – Zoe

“People all over the world, from beginners to mathematicians, work on problems non-stop as a game that is continuously being played…” – Ana

“In my opinion, there are no actually theorems or axioms in math. Math is just a set of numbers with some basic rules, which is designed or adjusted according to our observation to the nature. The theorems and axioms always exist even though we don’t know them. There is no one who produce the truths of math; they just discover them by their understanding and knowledge.” – Yingyi


Also, just a quick shout out: Kate’s blog is easily one of my favorites right now.  I highly encourage you all to give it a look; not only does she have excellent lecture summaries and thoughts on the reading, but the images she includes are effing hilarious.  Oh, and the same applies to the Mathasaurus Rex blog, too.



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