Vector Calculus


The class syllabus will be available here.

Class Times

10:00 – 11:50 am on T Tr


For this class we will be using the textbook “Active Calculus” by Steve Schlicker, David Austin, and Matt Boelkins.  This textbook can be found online by clicking this link.

We will be following this textbook quite closely, so you should read it regularly.


Weekly assignments will be posted on this page, and they will be due every Friday by noon (in a designated folder on my office door).  Review sessions will be held on Thursday nights (in a room and time that are to be determined).

Please note that any homework problem marked with an asterisk must be completed or attempted two times.  That is, every time you turn in a homework assignment you will actually be turning in two copies.  One copy will be your final draft, complete with well written solutions that show all or much of your work.  The second copy will be of your first draft, this will contain your first attempts at the starred homework problems and need not feature well or correctly written solutions.  Rather, this draft copy should contain your initial, “rough” work on designated problems.

Assignment 1 (due September 2nd) — Solutions

Assignment 2 (due September 9th) — Solutions

Assignment 3 (due September 16th)  — Solutions

Assignment 4 (due September 23rd) — Solutions

Assignment 5 (see image below — due October 3rd).


Assignment 6 (due October 14th)

Assignment 7 (due October 21st)

Assignment 8 (due October 28th)

Assignment 9 (Presentations on November 3rd)

Assignment 10 (due 11.18.16)

Assignment 11 (due last day of classes!)


In this class we will have three exams and one final.  Because our first exam will not take place until early october, our second exam will likely come a bit sooner than expected (some time around late October).

Exam 1

Our first exam will take place on Thursday, October 5th.  It will begin at 6pm and you can take as much time as you need to complete it until 11:59pm (when we will be locked out of the building).  This should provide you with more than enough time to write neat, careful solutions for each question and check your work.

Here is a link to an old first exam for vector calculus.  Please note that since this exam is based on material from a different class that used a different book, some notation and topics are slightly different.  (For example don’t worry about question 4 — although many of you will likely know how to do part (a) — and note that this exam does not contain the “tell me about points on this surface graph where the tangent plane is horizontal” question we should expect to appear on our exam.

Final Exam

Here is a link to our final exam.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Okay, here it really is: final exam link.

Okay, okay.  Sorry for wasting your time.  This is the real link.

Just kidding, here it is: final exam.

Sorry.  This is probably annoying.  I’ll stop now.  Here’s the actual link.

In case you’re interested, here is another link to the exam: totally not a fake link 

Also, here is a link to some helpful tips: link for some helpful tips.

Additional Notes

Derivative Matrix Handout

Hessian Matrix Handout

Integration Notes — keep in mind that these notes contain more information than we have yet discussed!