Foundations of Mathematics

Class Documents and Other Things

Here is the syllabus.

Assignments will be posted as blog entries, all of which can be found here.

Our textbook is available in the book store, but can also be downloaded free of charge here.

Here is an evolving Spotify playlist / kind-of-soundtrack for this class.  (My apologies for any unpleasant language and/or sounds.)

Class Blog

As mentioned in the syllabus, each student will be responsible for maintaining a FOM Blog this semester.  You will be expected to post relevant notes, thoughts, ideas, musings, etc., approximately three times a week (although you are encouraged to post even more, if you like).  To set up your blog, visit and sign up for a (free!) site.  By Tuesday, January 26th, please have your blog up and running with your first post; e-mail me a link to your blog and your name by this date, too.

Here is some advice on writing your blog.  Feel free to e-mail me any concerns and questions whenever!

Class Schedule

  • Week 1: overview, sets, Cartesian products, subsets, and power sets (1.1-1.4)
  • Week 2: power sets, set operations, familiar sets, Russell’s Paradox (1.4-1.10)
  • Week 3: statements, conjunctions, conditional statements, truth tables (2.1-2.5)